Club de Coast: Kids Beach Club

Mooloolaba September 2021

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  • CdC Mooloolaba: April 16 2021

  • CdC Mooloolaba: April 14 2021

  • CdC Mooloolaba: April 12 2021

  • CdC Mooloolaba: April 9 2021

  • CdC Mooloolaba: April 7 2021


Nerf Wars

This is a kids favourite. We have inflatables on the beach and the children will have a choice of 3 games to play against the opposite team. At all our festivals this is the one thing the kids queue up for time and time again.


These will be delivered by staff and by subcontractors in art, music, storytelling, sand sculpture and brain teasers for example.


During low tide we will make the most of the hard sand to play a number of sports like cricket, touch rugby, soccer and still have the use of the soft sand for volleyball, badminton and Ninja Warrior time trials.

Team Building

We have handpicked a number of team building exercises that are fun, engaging and have a message to take home. Whether that’s communication skills, team work or developing thought processes to challenge them we try and give the children something to challenge themselves.

Free Play

We believe that sometimes a child just wants to chill out or just hang out with a few new friends and not take part in teh organised activities. We have a dedicated space to free play where there is arts and crafts, giant board games, uno and brain teasers. Old fashion fun and no screens.


Lunch will be provided

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